We Are Chesterfield Little League. We are associated with Little League International. We offer Baseball, Softball & T-Ball in Chesterfield, VA

Change Team: 



Thank you so much for volunteering to be a team parent. We could not do it without you!

Sponsor Bags – hand these out

Sponsorships and Fundraising reduce each player’s registration cost by about $40 a year. As part of our sponsor program this year, we offered a sponsor bag package where a business pays $50 to have their flyer/coupon added to bags that will be handed out to each player family. They have discounts and specials on them and many of these businesses are owned by families of CLL. Please explain to parents what these bags are when you pass them out and encourage them to look through the flyers because these businesses support our league and many purchase larger sponsorship packages as well. We will do this again in the fall.

Gourmet Creations Fundraiser – hand these out

Fundraising is necessary to keep our registration and operating costs down.

This year, we will be selling dip mixes, meat rubs, dessert mixes, pickle mixes, oil blends

All $5.00 each and CLL will make 50%. - Our goal is for each player to sell just 8 items.

This fundraiser has a quick turn-around so orders will be delivered by the end of April. We will group orders by team and ask that the team parent pick them up and hand out the orders.

Direct donation option. Remind parents that if they prefer not to fundraise, they can use the form at the bottom of the fundraising letter to make a direct donation, but we need everyone’s help with fundraising.  

For every 15 mixes you sell, you get to pick one for yourself for FREE!

The Top 4 sellers in the league at the end of the fundraiser will get a $25 Amazon gift card!

Uniform – hand these out

Each player will receive pants, under shirt, a top shirt, and hat – The top shirts and hats will be given out as soon as they come in. A field pick up date will be announced. The team parent will pick up for the team and distribute as soon as these arrive.

Uniform issues: sign into the website, click “Uniform issue” under the TEAMS tab

Team Banners - order

Can be ordered easily through the league on the Playcll.com website under the “Teams” link.

$40 and all proceeds go to the Volunteer Banquet for our coaches, team parents, and sponsors at the end of the season.

They must be purchased by April 1st in order to have for the parade on opening night.

Most team parents add $3.50 to the money they collect for a coach gift, cupcakes, etc. for the end of the season.

Banners will be on the fence by division for the parade line up on April 15


th. Teams will march in holding the banner and then all will sit together on Man 2 field for the ceremony. Team parent or manager will keep the banner after the parade and bring it to each game – hang it on the dugout fence for team pride. You can use 2 “C” clips or something similar.

Team Trophies/Parties - optional

The league only provides trophies for the winning team of each division at the end of playoffs.

All T-ball players get a participation medal and the other players in the league get a CLL pin

Team parties are optional and should be planned w/the team manager. Ask around to see what others have done.

Younger teams sometimes decide to offer a participation trophy at the end of the season. 

Picture Day – TBD

Pictures will be taken on Saturday April 16th at both locations before your game. Schedule will be emailed.

Encourage all players on your team to be present for the pictures even if they don’t plan to purchase so that team photos for those who do purchase are complete.

Pictures will be printed on site during your game so you can pick up that day and special order items will be mailed directly to your home by the company this year to eliminate having to come to picture pickup days.

Sponsorships – Do you know a business?

We are still looking for additional sponsorships for our league. Sponsor packages offer banner advertising on our fields, website advertising, and logo recognition in our mass emails. If you know of a business that would be interested in being a sponsor or even participating in our fall sponsor bags, direct them to our “sponsor” tab on our website or print off a form and give it to them. Thank you for your help.