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2017 CLL Pool Play Policy


  • Pool Play is strictly overseen by the Baseball/Softball Player Agent. Only the Player Agent/designee may fill teams.  Managers may not contact Pool Play players.

  • The Manager will contact the Player Agent as soon as the Manager realizes that there will not be a minimum of 10 players available for a game.

  • Player Agent will make every effort to select players that are entered into the pool from the same division. If it is not possible to find a player in the same division, the Player Agent will then contact Pool Play players from the division below. As a last resort, the Player Agent will contact Pool Play players from the division above.

  • Pool Play players are not allowed to play the Pitcher or Catcher position (at Minor Level and above).

  • Pool Play players must bat last in the lineup.

  • Pool Players can only play infield for one inning.