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Chesterfield Little League

2017 White Sheet Rules Violation Policy


The intent of the policy is to be reasonable, to understand and enforce, to not materially impact the outcome of the game or penalize the players, and to put the accountability on the Managers, umpires and Board of Directors to enforce the Chesterfield Little League White Sheet Rules (WSR) and certain fundamental LLI rules.


Official Warning


  • If the opposing team Manager or umpire observes a WSR violation, the opposing Manager or an umpire immediately notifies the violating team’s Manager (calling time out is recommended).

  • The opposing and/or violating Manager should assist in correcting the violation.

  • The situation must be reviewed with the umpire immediately.

  • The umpire must ensure the violating Manager immediately corrects the violation.

  • The opposing Team Manager and/or umpire is obligated to report this violation to the Division Director.  The Division Director is obligated to follow up with both Team Managers/Coaches, Umpire(s) and parents as he/she deems necessary to document the violation.

  • If the Division Director receives more than two (2) Official Warnings associated with the same Manager during the season, specific details (as researched by the Division Director) of both Violations are turned over to the CLL Disciplinary Committee for review and further action at their discretion.



Manager Ejection (this penalty will only apply to a limited number of core WSR and Little League (LLI) rules, as indicated in the WSR Violation Policy Addendum)


  • If the Manager of the opposing team or umpire observes  a WSR violation within the same game, (following an Official warning) the umpire should call time and eject the violating Manager.

  • The umpire should ensure a violating team Coach corrects the violation.

  • The violating team is not permitted to replace the coaching vacancy. 

  • The umpire should document the violation and ejection and is obligated to report the violation and ejection to the Umpire-In-Chief after the game.


After an Official Warning or Manager Ejection is reported to the Umpire-In-Chief by an umpire, the Division Director must discuss the situation with the violating Manager as soon as possible, and report the situation to the CLL Disciplinary Committee for their awareness.  


  • For Official Warnings (first offense based on severity or intent), the Board may consider a subsequent one game suspension, in accordance with the CLL Article XIII – Disciplinary Policy for Unacceptable Behavior as administered by the CLL Disciplinary Committee.

  • For Manager Ejections or continued violations of WSR’s after two (2) Official Warnings (), the Board may then consider a one game or subsequent multi-game and/or remainder of the season suspensions, in accordance with the CLL Article XIII – Disciplinary Policy for Unacceptable Behavior as administered by the CLL Disciplinary Committee.