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Chesterfield Little League

Interleague Procedures




Interleague Play allows leagues in which there are not enough players to play a full schedule of games. Normally, four teams are enough to play “in-house” without needing to request interleague play with other Little Leagues such as Central Chesterfield LL or Huguenot LL.  

  • The CLL board determines the number of teams per division as well as decides if interleague play is in the best interest of the players, parents and the league.

  • A District 5 Administrator develops a team schedules.

  • Teams must travel to other District 5 LL Fields during the week and on weekends.


Competitive Structure:


  • Interleague Structure – District-wide:  If only a limited number of Teams can be structured, CLL may participate as a travel team within District 5, traveling to other Little League’s within the District Boundary to compete. A District 5 Administrator develops a team schedule that allows all Little League teams to play against one another in a competitive regular season Baseball/Softball Division.  

    • Virginia District 5 Little Leagues: All current D5 Little Leagues.

  • Outside District 5 Boundaries- Interleague Teams that choose to travel outside District 5 Boundaries can only do so as approved by CLL and the District Administrator.  

  • Local League Structure – In-House:  If enough Teams can be formed, CLL will offer an “in house” Baseball/Softball Division that will consist of players from within CLL who choose to participate in Baseball/Softball Division play.


All Star Teams:


  • Using the interleague or in-house structure, one All-Star tournament team will be formed by CLL following league policies, Little League rules and guidelines.

  • If the CLL board does not feel it has enough players to field its own Tournament Team for any division, CLL may request a combination with another league, provided CLL has played a common schedule of games with teams in District 5 Interleague Play.




Interleague Structure – District-wide:

  • One Team: Players on this team will be provided only one uniform for use during regular season and All-Star Tournament play.  This team shall be outfitted in a CLL All-Star uniform as a cost savings for players that choose to participate in Tournament Play.

    • If uniform accessories, i.e. vest/shirt and or hat are required at a later date to match other CLL All-Star Teams for tournament play, additional uniform cost will be required per player at that time.

  • Two or more Interleague Teams: Uniforms provided same as in-house teams.